Who is Helen Sklov?

I am a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®)
and have committed the last 10 years to helping
individuals and families manage transitions due
to life change events. Whether it's preserving
photographs and digital images, or adapting to
changes in a living environment or technology, I
provide personal services to help create
strategies to overcome obstacles and meet new
B. Organized & Company
Organizing multi-media, people and places
Hello, I'm glad you came...

Thank you for coming to my webpage. I am a photo
organizer and I want to help you preserve your
memories for your later years, for your children, and
their children.

Is this you?

Time is passing and still you haven’t organized your
digital pictures from your phone, tablet and camera;
and you know eventually something must be done with
yesteryear’s physical photographs, 8mm film, slides,
tapes, DVDs, etc. You know these family treasures
from all media are perishable and decaying more and
more as the years go by. And ultimately you will be too
late to save everything. Ugh!

Or, you have photographs you want to memorialize
into a photo album, but you don’t know how and where
to take the first step. Getting warmer...

At your service

Please let us consolidate your photos, videos and film
from all sources and media, and create a secure
digital storage and retrieval system for you. We will
teach you how to access all of your images and
photos online, or we can maintain and update your
entire "library" for you periodically.

If you want to create a photo album based on a special
time in your life, or a significant event or milestone, we
can help you start and finish the project.

Please contact me for a complimentary 10-15 minute
telephone assessment. I can learn your goals, offer
potential solutions, and provide fee estimates. You
have nothing to lose.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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